If You Can’t Pronouce It Don’t Buy It!

About 4 years ago I was the owner of a natural/organic beauty supply store, most of my products were purchased online, after researching online I found that very few companies offered 100% certified organic products.

Indigo + Canary Logo

Indigo + Canary, another great blog about all things natural and organic wrote, How to Evaluate Natural/Organic Cosmetics, a lovely article that can help any of you who are thinking about adding some natural or organic products and changes in your life.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of controversies surrounding the words “organic” and “natural.” Anything can be called organic as long as it contains one organic ingredient. Certified organic products have to meet a certain percentage and it’s a big deal .

Indigo + Canary also posted a helpful list of ingredients that you should look out for and remember if you can’t pronounce it you probably shouldn’t buy it.


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